Thriving in Intelligent Environments

Team development

“McKinsey research indicates that if companies can identify and address pervasive mindsets at the outset, they are four times more likely to succeed in organizational-change efforts than are companies that overlook this stage.”

N. Boaz and E.A. Fox

All results, all behaviour, all input in the workplace, stem from the most overlooked variable in our working environments: the clarity of thought that emerges from each individual mindset. It is this mindset that determines your leadership capacity.  And the sum of each of these mindsets is what creates a team environment and its results.

What does leadership mean? Leadership is an active process, so let us turn it into a verb. To lead.

We lead when we are aware of the impact our decisions and actions are having on both our inner and outer world, and we take responsibility for this impact. Our inner world is made up of our thoughts, our emotions, our decisions. Our outer world is made up of our actions. When we become aware of the fact that the quality of our thinking is the overlooked variable on the impact we are having in the world, and we take responsibility for the results we are creating, we begin to lead ourselves and others. Why? Because it follows that we can change the impact we are having on the world when the quality of our thinking improves.

Your team’s ability to THINK clearly is the critical factor affecting performance. If your team members have never had their mindset challenged, indeed never challenge it themselves, their potential to think creatively, to make better decisions, to act with purpose, to communicate clearly and lead dynamically will go untapped. 

Limited thinking creates limited decisions and limited actions and mediocre results.

Well-functioning teams evolve as a result of clarity of mind. And clarity of mind can only emerge in a team when each individual mindset thrives.

Taking time out to reflect upon and engage in exploring the team’s innate capacities, and identifying the kind of mindset that is driving present results in the organisation, will help uncover a team’s hidden potentials as well as its opportunities for improvement. This alone can help developing a greater sense of purpose and the ensuing actions that will benefit the organization as a whole.

So, team development is more than just a feel-good activity: it can have a significant long-term impact on an organization’s performance.

This is why my Thriving in Intelligent Environments programme for leaders and corporate team members is so beneficial: together we will unlock the hidden potential to benefit both them and your business. Through this programme, you will explore and discover the role that mindset plays in perception, decision-making, action- and risk-taking, and performance. 

As a result, leaders and their teams will access a new baseline for their potential, and will begin to experience a reduction in stress levels and a greater connection with their inner clarity, confidence and ever deeper levels of creative inspiration.