Creating Intelligent Environments

“They deceived me. I was told Vanessa was an amazing coach when what she really is is an amazing butterfly breeder (if you don’t believe me all you have todo is look it up in Wikipedia, there are countless butterfly species with her name but, of course, they all fall short). I could give you this well worn before-and-after-spiel, tell you all about how when I met her I was on the edge of an abyss I’d been leaning into or, rather, dragging myself towards for years… And from the very first minute I met her, I felt a new lightness and joy reminiscent of childhood times. I could tell you all about how in just a few months I changed so much (inside and out) that when I awoke, not only had the fear of the abyss melted away, but I was flying many metres above it. I could tell you all about the infinitely slow time I lived as a caterpillar, read hundreds of books and met all kinds of coaches and gurus who promised to transform you. However, they never even came close, and neither did I allow myself to rise even an inch above ground. Only in dreams. Only as long as the book, the class, the seminar, the talk lasted. With Vanessa, who deceived me with her elegant craft by pretending to be a coach, by the time I woke up I had grown an amazing set of unused wings which lifted me well above my life as a caterpillar in the blink of an eye. Yet, however much I go over it, I still have no idea how she did it!  I guess it has to do with the way she sees you, her incredible compassion (in the kindest sense of the word), which allows her to see that which you can only get a glimpse of in dreams: your true potential, all of your magic. Vanessa has mastered like no-one else the art of transforming lives. She is able to painlessly open you up and awaken your dormant smile, show you the door and remind you where you left the key… What can I say about her when I have so much to be grateful to her for? I will simply return the favour that my friend Gloria did when she spoke to me about her and deceived me. In reality Vanessa is a magnificent coach, and she has all the certifications to prove it, she is an impeccable profesional, but what she deftly leaves out of her CV is her true passion, the art she has mastered: that of transforming lives, of awakening the magic which lays dormant in you, of giving you that wise push that allows you to take off. Thank you so much, coach.”

Antonio Luis Gómez. Author of  “Imparable”, “El niño que tomaba baños de estrellas y otros cuentos”, “Lita la Frijolita”.

I have always been fascinated by the inner game of life, otherwise known as mindset, especially during times of change and transition in people’s lives – including my own.

I enjoy exploring and revealing the mindset that allows someone to, ever so subtly, re-define their focus, creatively overcome their daily challenges, make renewed decisions, take action and experience life anew.

Mindset coaching is powerful and impactful, especially when combined with bold action in the world.

I have coaching conversations with the people I work with, and they end up making tiny shifts that change everything.And then, all of a sudden they find themselves making outrageous leaps that surprise even themselves. It is called exponential growth

You see, we humans have an incredible capacity to create change in our lives that goes far beyond what society at large teaches us is possible.

We have a capacity to re-define ourselves repeatedly throughout our lives and recreate, not only who we are to others but, more importantly, who we are to ourselves.

Let us unleash this capacity together.

My professional involvement in coaching and facilitating, began nearly 20 years ago when I accepted an invitation to run my first seminar in Spain.

Little did I know at the time that in a matter of months I would have changed not just careers, but moved from London (UK) to set up both home and business abroad!

Soon after moving to Spaiin, I was approached by the CTO of the local Chamber of Commerce, a wonderful visionary who was clear that the way forward in organizational training lay in focusing on the inner game of both leaders and their teams.

And so it was that with her encouragement I started facilitating corporate training for leaders not only in the Chamber of Commerce itself, but also in the private and public sectors, helping them develop clarity and insight through their challenges.

I now design and deliver customized professional development programmes which address both leadership and team challenges in organizations.

My roles vary from life/executive coach to training consultant to keynote speaker. I also mentor and train coaches within and without organizations, many of whom have become successful in their own right. Some of my clients are also entrepreneurs and people going through changes or transitions in their private or professional lives.

I enjoy variety.

In my coaching activities, you might find me supporting a senior leader who wants increased clarity to be able to lead members of her team out of conflict.

Or you might find me coaching an entrepreneur on how to serve clients more powerfully in order to improve his business.

You might spot me sitting in with a team whose members are out of sync, have lost motivation, are burned out and are seeking new ways of looking at/doing things, in order to better serve the organization that hires them.

And, you might even get a glimpse of me working with a promising young tennis player on his mindset. 

I have first hand experience taking big leaps and sailing through change, having pursued opportunities overseas, as well as successfully running my own coaching and training business. So I know what it takes to create and sustain a successful business, focused on serving others at the highest level.

In my previous “incarnation” I worked as a freelance lecturer in several universities and colleges in the UK, with a very enjoyable and successful stint at secondary education, too. 

If you’re curious about my formal and informal training and qualifications, I hold both graduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of London (UK) and an MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Barcelona. As a research project (my thesis), I developed a training programme aimed at the promotion of wellbeing and mental health and the prevention of anxiety, depression and burnout without the use of pharma, and whose findings I still apply in both my personal and professional life.

I invest a great deal of time, resources and energy studying, researching, and training as part of my own personal and professional development. I have various coaching certifications as well as training in mindfulness (both through the Awareness Training Institute at the University of California and the Vipassana Felowship, as well as my own personal practice).

I run residential retreats for leaders and solopreneurs on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), where I presently live. One of these is “A PAUSE Along the Way”, a special retreat which takes place in a natural setting (sometimes in a hotel carved into a mountain and set within beautiful caves). This retreat can be take as an individual coaching intensive or as a group seminar. It is a space created for a mixture of mindful enquiry and quiet reflection, meant to bring clarity, insight and a sense of renewal. Please enquire for more information.

I am always looking to enhancing people’s connection with their inner wisdom, as this is the quiet whisper that is always encouraging us to honour our personal yearnings and move forward along this path despite uncertainty, fear, difficult people, limiting beliefs and any other adversity we might find along the way (and find them we will!).

On a more personal note now, I go for an open water swim, daily, in Las Canteras, an urban beach that has been voted the best urban beach in the world by The Economist.

Oh, and did I mention I have a 17 year old son? This is where my greatest source of wonder and learning lies.