Start with Deep Grounding

“Clarity (or its lack) is always the ground you stand on”.

First and foremost we will bring clarity to the real issues at the heart of your challenge (things are rarely what they seem). Clarity, or its lack, is what is actually defining the quality of both your decisions and actions. Learn to break the rules you yourself have laid down about how life “should” work. Trusting the wisdom within is the best gift you will ever give yourself. 

Create Powerful Connection

“Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else.”  M. Wheatley

Make a difference in your world through your partnerships. You need other people to create most anything and prosper. Learn to engage deeply and fearlessly with others, and serve them powerfully. If you think you can’t, I will remind you how.


Take Bold Action

“One Day or Day One. You decide”

Knowing who you are in essence will allow you to stay focused on what matters to you most, harness your energy in the face of uncertainty, and boldly turn your ideas into reality. I will remind you who you are along the way. “A goal is not a place to go to, but a place to come from”, will become an invitation to experience life anew.

You are up to something meaningful in your life.

You realize that to change the world and yourself, you will need to unearth and use your unique expression and talents as leverage .

You are committed to breaking through to the next level.

And you are willing to feel the discomfort from the fear, uncertainty and self-doubt that pave the way to your dream. Because this is part of the journey but it is not what defines it.

If this is you, I will serve you powerfully.

If this is you, we will dive deep into your challenge and tap into your infinite reservoir of potential,

knowing that all answers, all decisions, all results, will emerge from your willingness to turn inner wisdom into action.

Are you in?

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Kind words

  • “What stands out for me is that humane spiritual style, rooted in values and significance, which you bring to the table, and which is what I had been seeking for so long in my work.”

    Natalia Pérez Betancor
  • “I knew I wanted to train with her the moment I heard her name. I had attended many trainings with reputable coaches and yet, something inside me felt it was never the right fit, something was missing. Fate drew me to her. The time I spent training with Vanessa I grew exponentially in awareness, maturity and presence. (…) Vanessa is a master coach for and about life: if you want yours to take off, jump at the chance and hire her.”

    Gema Marín Perozo
    Banking CEO. Transformative coach. Author of “Advice and Memoirs from a Former Banking CEO” y “Knowing When To Leave a Relationship”.
  • “Honestly, what joy. There is a turning point following a training like this. Heartfelt thanks.”

    Silvia Marrero
    High school teacher. Theatre director of "Faranduleros" (dramatic art group).
  • ” … you imbued us with the enthusiasm and drive to re-consider new horizons in both our professional and personal development.”

    Araceli Martín Cabrera
    Social worker. Trainer.
  • “Imagine standing in front of a mirror looking at your face, your hair, etc …, carry on looking: if you allow a coach into your life, you will realize that there is so much more than meets the eye, you will discover everything that’s hidden inside which Vanessa Limpkin will help you reflect outwards … You’ll realize how creative you can be, you’ll learn to minimize the drama… because your inner wisdom and creativity will enhance your wellbeing, create solutions, lead you through new pathways which you will be courageous enough to tread, because that is what happens, you will not be able to stop, because inaction will no longer be comfortable, you will be compelled to act and create your own life. It’s not about subtracting, it’s about transforming: we are all special beings who are here to shine our light brightly. If you feel yours is dim, take heart and call Vanessa, she will show you how to look into the mirror.”

    Paula Betancor
    Head of Admin Department
  • “ Vanessa Limpkin’s depth, dedication and generosity … has meant a turning point in my own coaching practice.”

    María Naranjo
    CEO of Evoluciona Coaching
  • “You helped me overcome my fear, take action and, finally, dare to begin :-). It’s been very intense, really good. The practices have been incredible, magical”.

    Silvia Ramírez Álvarez
  • “I have taken part in many trainings over the years and yours is, undoubtedly, the most comprehensive, practical, enriching and healing: one leaves being able to apply what they’ve learned.”

    Mónica S. Koper Schmitt
    Realtor, Transformative Coach, Therapist / Shantara's Place
  • “I have witnessed and felt how coaching can improve, transform and launch people’s lives, and yet it still seems unbelievable to me”.

    Dulce Bermúdez Martín
    CEO of "Escuela Internacional de Escritura para Líderes". Coach. Author of "Creatividad para Comenzar a Escribir", "El Arte de Seducir a Tus Clientes", and several novels.
  • “…I discovered that chaos is neither bad, nor the root cause of our insecurity and vulnerability, but an intrinsic aspect of living, and as soon as I accepted this I felt more secure and centered. Thank you, Vanessa”.

    Fran Delgado
    CEO of Nutritraing. Fitness and triathlon coach.
  • “I am now able to move through life with a deepened sense of serenity and self-assurance. The best investment anyone can make, if they are seeking positive change in any area of their lives, is to spend time in training with you (…), they will become aware of new options, new ways of experiencing life and it is therein they will find the key to free up all the potential that you (Vanessa), so subtly, bring to light (…). Forever grateful to you.”

    Jordi Ponce
    Social worker. Family mediator.
  • “I don’t know if I’ve said it enough times, so I’ll say it again today: Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you and a thousand times Thank you”.

    Nuria López Yágüez
    Writer. Coach.
  • “Your training opened up, and still does for me, a window to a new reality, a chance for discovery, for deepened self-awareness, and for a better understanding of what I do want and what I don’t. It has brought about a centredness in me, improved organizational skills, as well as renewed and better employment opportunities.”

    Livia Oliva Vera
    Social worker.
  • “I wanted to change my life around and I was willing to do what it takes. … I can assure you I am a more self-assured decision-maker, I have experienced a change in awareness that has meant a deeper connection with my inner wisdom (…) I have ventured from my comfort zone and into the unknown. I feel more at peace and at ease.”

    Laura Galbis Fayós
    Primary school teacher.
  • “I have experienced a transformation in the way I relate to life. I have a better understanding of the way mindset works and its impact on our day-to-day living. It is such a gift to now be able to share it with and help others in their own awakening.”

    Eva María García
    High school counsellor.
  • “I signed up … with a future-focus yet it hit me head on at a body, brain, heart and cellular level from the word go. … What I experienced (…) brought relief to my heart and my mind in a way that is reflected on my face, my body language, my mindset and my general demeanour. So I just want to say: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

    Cely Ormazábal
    High School Teacher
  • “I feel truly transformed. I’ve felt like a fish in water. To confirm that I can rely on my intuition to carry me beyond where I thought was possible, has been a true discovery for me. I have learned to ask more questions and judge less, to decide what it is I truly want to do with my life, and to harness my emotional power.”

    Natalia Carrillo
    CEO Natalia y Lucía Beauty Salon. Coach.
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
    “If you feel comfortable staying in your comfort zone, if you’re a lover of routine and you like life to be predictable, if your highest goal is to have command over all aspects of your day to day living… then this retreat is not for you.”

    Carlos Martín
    Biologist. Adult Education and High School Teacher.
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
    “I feel as if I’ve been born again… the retreat facilitator (Vanessa) is amazing (unique, as far as I’m concerned) and the surroundings were incredible”.

    Emiliano Santana
    Civil servant
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
    “It is such a gift to be able to pause and take stock of where we’re at, where we’re headed and where we want to get to, although just slowing down in itself was beneficial”.

    Pino Díaz Ojeda
    Lawyer. High school teacher.
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
     “  … it helped clear out all indecisions and clarified my next steps. My biggest takeaway was…. serenity and wisdom… which combined, led to balance. The people I met were wonderful… and everyday that passes I am more convinced that meeting you has been a great gift in my Life.”

    Lourdes Santana Ortega
    CEO. Entrepreneur.
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
    “[I was] in need of a breath of fresh air and I felt re-energised, with a clear mind, and deeply connected with the world around me.”

    Zoraida Martín
    Headteacher and former school inspector.
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
    “I loved the ease with which you created and presented the event, everything was so well thought out, full of material not just to work on during the retreat itself, but also the little take-away gifts each of us got. All those little details really made all the difference to me. The day just flew by, both morning and afternoon sessions. I felt in such good company even before the event, with your informative emails about logistics, and pre-work, which we got well in advance and got us connecting already with the weekend. I loved that! Your welcoming words, the set out, the pre-work, all get you going prior to the event.”

    Julia Rodríguez Osés
    Biodanza teacher
  • About Vanessa Limpkin’s retreat “A PAUSE Along the Way”:
    “I left feeling calm, more self-assured, serene and with the strength to face my life courageously… I felt strong enough to keep going and welcoming any kind of change. You have this ability to lead us along the right path, the path of self-awareness and willingness to move forward and not give up. THANK YOU!! I would recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to treat themselves to slow down, reflect, breathe, understand, open up and love what is … in order move on healthily, with balance, in their day to day, and life in general.”

    Liduvina Alonso Falcón
    Civil servant